Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Truckee and Good Times

As is my wont, I went to Truckee for the weekend. First, this might have been a one-time glitch, but using the Amtrak MasterCard to get Amtrak Rewards points resulted in a rate of return much higher than the typical 1% from other cards. Just an FYI. More importantly, I went snowshoeing.

Scratching my head in Coldcreek Canyon

On the way up towards the ridge between Anderson Peak and Mt. Lincoln

Just underneath the ridge

Looking west towards Royal Gorge, the American River, and even the coastal range

Sure, this is a windswept ridge, but there really is a large drought.

The only tree I saw all day that hadn't phlumfed yet

Heading down Mt. Judah towards the train tracks and Donner Lake.

Sproul Plaza during the inauguration. The cheers for "data and statistics," "science," "universities," and "non-believers" were amazing.

Finally, I nabbed this Getty image from WaPo, just because it's awesome how Blofeldian/Strangeloveian Cheney looks in this picture.

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