Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good Googely-Moogely It's Hot

I rode my bike 10 miles to the start of the Redwood Park 50K today. I timed it well and got there right before the start. I ran the 50K in 7:41 or something like that, which isn't very fast, but given that my watch thermometer had the highest reading (105.5 degrees!) I have ever seen outside of that time I dunked it in a hot spring, I'm happy with it. It was so hot that a lady in front of me sat down due to a cramp, and then while I was digging an electrolyte pill out of my pack for her, she said "I'm going to faint," at which point she fell back, her eyes rolled back, she convulsed a little, and had these horribly raspy breaths, so I held her head up and sprayed some water on her. She came to pretty quick and her friends came along, so they took care of her and I kept going. After finishing I was planning on riding home, but there was all sorts of chafing going on in the nether-regions, so I hung out till the race was all over and got a ride home. Good times.


  1. Good job out there - it was SUPER hot! Hope that I didn't force you to carry home too much stuff at the end of the day - I just hate to see that stuff go to waste!

    Thanks again for coming out - always GREAT to see you, and it was nice to have some time to chat after your run, too.

    Sarah (PCTR)

  2. hmm there are some interesting things going on at Berkley..I think I applied to the wrong grad school!