Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sweet Lady Justice prevailed when the officer didn't show at court today, so the saga of my $503 bicycle ticket has come to a victorious close. Since I'm now (sort of) $503 richer, I think I'm gonna go buy me a PLB.

Then I'm going to walk to Truckee. OK, not really. My original hope was indeed to walk out my front door and go all the way to my friend's house in Truckee (a while ago my buddy AR said Sacto was "within walking distance" for me, so I have to prove him right), but it's 289 miles, and I have to be back for a meeting Wednesday morning, so I think I'm just gonna take the train up to Truckee on Saturday, run the Western States 100 course from Squaw Valley to Auburn, and hopefully tack on the 52 more from Auburn to Sacto.


  1. Only an economist or an accountant would consider that a gain of $503.

  2. a gain of $503...i like your thinking.

    and don't worry, i still think you can walk to sacto, even if you take the train this time...

  3. Have a blast on the WS trail! I'd love to do that, but I suck at navitgation. How deep is the river this time of year, do you know?

    See you soon.

    Sarah (PCTR)

  4. Apparently I suck at spelling, too.

  5. NITRO7:34 PM

    Glad that worked out for you!