Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Records Fall

Looks like only half of the trail record attempts I know about will be successful this year. David Horton's attempt to do a supported CDT run and break Squeaky's unsupported 75-day CDT record ended after one truly hellish day, and Karl Meltzer won't be beating Andrew Thompson's AT record of 47 days and change thanks to an injury, but I'm pretty sure that Scott and Joe broke the PCT speed record, finishing yesterday evening for a total of 71 days and a few hours, taking 8 days off Joe's previous record (unconfirmed but near certain given location a day or so ago), and Jennifer Pharr Davis destroyed the women's AT record, finishing a couple days ago in 57 days, 16 hours. Happy trails to all.

Update: the first link made it clear Karl was still going to finish the AT, but an updated post implies the record will still be within reach. He's resting today, but he was several miles ahead of Andrew Thompson's splits before this. Best wishes for a full speedy recovery.

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