Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No Longer Just Daydreams

I had a dream about the PCT last night. I was hiking somewhere on the JMT near a beautiful alpine lake; the trail, with steps carved and blasted into granite, was descending to the east side of the lake (I was hiking north) and to the lake's outlet, which passed through a logjam and then cascaded down. A male hiker who sort of claimed to be a thru-hiker but was skipping around a lot came up to me while I was looking out at the lake and started complaining about his ankle hurting him. He said it didn't hurt that bad, but he wanted to skip ahead further north to around Seiad Valley or Burney Falls or Belden because of his ankle. I got really mad and told him that was a stupid idea. If his ankle hurts here, it's going to hurt there too, so it would be retarded to miss the most beautiful part of the trail, and if you're going to skip any part of the trail, it should be the boring stretch in Northern California. Then he talked about how scary this place called "Deadman's Lake" was, and then we watched two cartoon beavers have a log-rolling competition (standing on the logs and trying to spin it to knock the other off) in the lake's logjam, a girl floating on a log raft in the lake weighed in on the matter, and I woke up.

Not quite as messed up as the time I was a flying graham cracker mattress floating down the street I grew up on, but interesting nonetheless. I should go study now.

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