Saturday, August 09, 2008


1. is funny. So are copy-cat
, albeit to a lesser extent. (MJ)

2. Last night, I was very sad that I couldn't find anybody with whom to go to the US Air Guitar National Finals, held in SF. Seriously, click on the link and watch the first video by Hot Lixx Hulahan. Freaking amazing. Then read the article about the NYC winner that lost a toe!
The Chron article about a local competitor.
If anybody has a copy of Air Guitar Nation I can borrow, hooks me up.

3. Karl Meltzer is trying to run the AT in 47 days.

4. I really dislike Olympic opening ceremonies. I was tempted to watch some of yesterday's because one of my favorite directors, Zhang Yimou, was in charge of it, but I didn't. For a film and politics buff like me, the NYT article about how Zhang used to be banned by the government, but is now buddy-buddy is very interesting. (And while I'm at it, shame on the IOC and the Chinese government for not letting foreign journalists use the full series of tubes.)

5. I love this Chron columnist. How you can make it up to the world for having voted for W.

6. Sorry, but I loved neither Flags of Our Fathers nor Letters from Iwo Jima. Flags, watch the moving The Best Years of Our Lives instead, and Letters, the only good Japanese Army officers are the pseudo-American ones? Lame.


  1. Thanks for another good post - I've already forwarded the link to #5 to a bazillion people.

    Sarah (PCTR)

  2. Cool. I was sad to miss the 100 this weekend, but I've got a huge test in only a week so I couldn't take the time off from studying. Hopefully I'll be doing a bunch of run-that-aren't-races this fall, including the One-Day.