Tuesday, June 24, 2008


1. Brawndo. Watch the ads. (MR)
2. Nietzsche Family Circus. Good times. (HP)
3. Blattman summarizes studies of the awesomeness or possible non-awesomeness of locavorism.
4. My favorite local bookstore closed. (AL)

I finally finished my first textbook's worth of studying--Robert Cooter's The Strategic Constitution. I also took a two-day course on SAS. It's more powerful than STATA. Sorta like how LaTeX or UNIX are more powerful. Or something.


  1. That's sad about Cody's. I only got to visit SF/Berkeley once and Cody's was on my list of places to visit. It's a clear sign of the times that a place like this can't survive even in the vicinity of a huge university campus and a (presumably) liberal population supporting it.

  2. poor cody's. it's so sad. remember when we went to the telegraph store, once upon an awkward time ago?

  3. Yeh, I remember. I will certainly miss the religious left/environmental/lefty in general selection. I pretty much want to vomit whenever I go to the E-ville Borders or B&N. I've never really loved Moe's or the other Telegraph used shops, but if anyone has suggestions (Pegasus? the northside one on Euclid?) I'm listening.


  4. I like Black Oak Books, up in North Berkeley. And Half Price Books was my addiction last year; their bargain shelf in the back often has good stuff. And why don't you like Moe's?

    (Course, maybe you shouldn't trust me because I wasn't a huge fan of Cody's--not cheap enough for me.)

  5. Black Oaks I've heard good things about, but Half Price, I must totally disagree. The selection has absolutely zero character.

  6. Blah dee blah--you're supposed to have character, not the bookstore. HFB has everything and it's up to you to find it.

  7. That's quite possibly the wrongest thing I've ever heard. Bookstores aren't supposed to have character? They aren't supposed to have local staff that know what their customers might be interested in? They aren't supposed to save you from all the Dan Brown/Crichton/Grisham crap that is absolutely the best-selling stuff that you might as well just buy at the grocery store and instead try to make you more educated? ARG! I don't know if we can be friends any more! :)

  8. I can say wronger if you'd like; provoking you is kinda fun. I guess what I'm really saying is that I'm a bookstore whore: I love a store with character, and I love a store without character if it's cheap. Hence, Half Price Books: they've got a wide selection, and if some of it includes crap, so what? Some of it includes great stuff as well. For a dollar!

    And besides, do you really need someone else to save you from Dan Brown? You're not capable of doing that for yourself?

    (I'm not arguing the point about the staff, btw. Totally agreed.)

    And I still want to know why you don't like Moe's.

  9. Yes, I do need someone to protect me from Dan Brown. It angers me when I see it, and I'm already angry enough as it is.

    Never been impressed with selection at Moes, the new stuff doesn't seem to have any theme to it like Cody's clearly did, and I think the prices for the used stuff are too high.