Thursday, June 05, 2008

I still pay for music. On occasion. Then I regret it.

In the past 6 months I've noticed that soundtracks are one of my best sources for discovering music that I like. Not all of it is new or anything, but I guess I haven't been diligent in listening to NPR's All Songs Considered anymore, so movies fill the void.

The top 5 most played songs in my iTunes library are Society--Eddie Vedder (Into the Wild), All I Want Is You--Barry Louis Polisar (Juno), Whole Wide World--Wreckless Eric (Stranger than Fiction), A New England--Billy Bragg (Half Nelson), and Mad World--Gary Jules (Donnie Darko).

And when I bought Weezer's Red Album this morning, I also picked up Substance, a Joy Division best-of, since I loved Love Will Tear Us Apart when I re-watched Donnie Darko last week. (As a side note, the Red Album sucks big dong. Just watch the Pork & Beans video twice and call it a day. Or to rub it in that I wasted a bunch of money, read this Pitchfork review. Then, since Pitchfork is annoying, read these fake reviews on Pitchfork making fun of Pitchfork by David Cross.)

OK, maybe I'm acting like a bad journalist (do you expect any less from my blog?) in pretending that since there's two of something it's a trend, since, upon further reflection I also remember really liking Coyotes--Don Edwards (Grizzly Man), the entire Cat Stevens Harold & Maude soundtrack, and the entire Garden State soundtrack from viewings a few years ago, but still, I think it's new that all of my most-listened to songs are from movies.

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