Saturday, May 17, 2008


Finally. I just sent in my paper on ethnicity and elections in Kenya. Having not written a paper in a long time, it's interesting to re-learn how bad I am at allocating small bits of large projects across time, how horrible I've felt having this due date weigh on me for the last two months, how not-hard it is when you actually get down to doing it, and how actually sort of fun it is to study something I'm actually interested in in real depth, even if I didn't really do much great original analysis or anything and it's mostly just a history paper.

Also, I joined and got a plot at the Golden Gate Community Garden today at their annual meeting. I think I'll try and read The $64 Tomato soon, but (1) it seems like this will be actually be super cheap and (2) I don't care because it's fun and I met cool people and I like it. (Yes, of course, I was partly motivated/reminded to do this by Michael Pollan. Here's the article.)

Now I've got to not fail my last final, grade my kids' Econ 1 finals, give them their grades for the course, volunteer at graduation, go to court, make maps of Kenyan migration patterns for the Kenya Life Panel Survey and the Girls Scholarship Program, and then summer can commence. And by "summer" I mean "studying for the law & economics field exam." A little.

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