Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion.

My paper, final exam, final exam grading, and research/map-making for a prof are now complete, I did the paperwork for my teaching job for Fall semester (game theory), and I went to court this morning for my bike ticket, so my summer has officially begun. (I opted for a court date. Out of sight/mind until August.) Marcus is moving to Boston, I don't have much in the way of income right now, and we canceled the interwebs at home, so I'm going to be crazy bored. Hopefully that means I'll be studying law & economics a bunch and trying to entertain you all with non-interesting comments about the subject, such as "law reviews are stupid because they're practically 50% footnotes, a good proportion of which are common knowledge" and "How 'bout that 1972 Calabresi and Melamed Harvard Law Review paper? That sh-- is awesome." But more likely, I'll end up working at the gear shop, running, gardening, and maybe even learning to sail.

But don't worry. I'll still study and pass the exam. It was on my list of 4 things to do this year. I decided against #3 on my list (under 2:50 in the St. George Marathon) because I really had no desire to fly to Vegas or Utah for a weekend when I could just run here. So instead, I'm going to run the Mt. Diablo 50K in June, Sequoia 50K in July, Headlands Hundred in August (A week before my exam. Smart, I know.), the Redwood Park 50K in September, Dick Collins Fire Trails 50-miler and the SF One-Day in October, the Stinson Beach 50K in November, and the California International Marathon, Muir Beach 50K, and Rodeo Beach 50K in December. That's it. Just those ten.

OK. Time to start studying.

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  1. Just those 10? You wuss, I have to run nearly 1 km every morning to catch my bus to work.