Monday, May 19, 2008

Big City Mountaineers

Prevented from doing a major hike this summer by the necessity of actually making some progress in grad school, I'm squeezing in a couple short service oriented trips. At the end of June I'm doing a maintenance trip on the PCT, and in July I'm doing a week-long trip with Big City Mountaineers. Basically, they're a non-profit that takes inner-city Oakland kids backpacking. This, of course, costs them money. I've already paid my own way, but if you've got a few bucks to spare and want to help them infect young people with the love-of-backpacking disease, you can read more here and maybe donate a little. I'd appreciate it, and I think the kids will too.


  1. i would donate, but the minimum is a bit steep. i think it would be easier for you to raise the mula if a bunch of people gave 10 or 20 bucks instead of 1 or 2 giving 50 or 100.

  2. yes, $50 is totally beyond my expectations, hence the "other" where you put in whatever you want. The $50 min. is just for the chance to win schwag you probably don't need.