Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bikes and Haircuts

This is what I looked like a week or so ago right before I trimmed my beard.
This is what I look like today. I didn't like it at first; I thought with the long (for me anyway) hair and trimmed beard I looked too much like Johnny Damon or someone else who tries to be both metrosexual and mountain man at the same time. Now I like that I get those little loopy things on the side, especially when I wear a hat.

Most importantly, this is my new bicycle. It is an old steel frame 52 cm Nishiki Custom Sport 10 speed. I love it. It is of course nothing special, but since all the riding I do is on roads, it's amazing how much better it feels to ride a road bike than a mountain bike. I'd much rather be commuting on this beautiful bicycle, but this is Berkeley, so I'd have to be super careful to prevent it from get ripped off. I suppose I could use this good steel frame to ride across the country in '09, but it would take a ton of other work and better parts, so I still plan on getting something sexier soon. I paid $130 for my bike at Street Level Cycles, a community-owned bike shop that fixes up old donated bikes and has open hours to teach/help you fix your own bike. It's a pretty sweet place.

And here's this picture again, just because I look so awful.

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  1. Looks like a good commuter. And nice job responsibly supporting a local non-profit while you were at it. The one I worked for in Portland was called the CCC . You don't want disc brakes though. Not for Berkeley or an XC trip. Rim brakes all the way. But when you go mountain biking in the hills above Cal, then yes, by all means, get the disc brakes. -Mark