Saturday, February 16, 2008

50K, SchmiftyK

I ran my first race with Pacific Coast Trail Runs in a while, the Sequoia 50K . I used to volunteer and run with them as much as possible, but now that I both don't have a car and have to work most weekends, I haven't been able to run with them since getting back. This race is one of the closest to my house, in the Oakland hills, so I definitely wanted to do it, but I still didn't have a good way to get there, so I decided to run. I biked about 4 miles to where the trails start near campus, then ran 9 or 10 miles south along the ridge to get to the starting line. I left my house three hours before the start and got there with three minutes to spare. The 50K then took me 7:25, which is a good hour longer than it's taken me to do PCTR's other 50K courses, but the three-hour warm-up probably explains that. Just for kicks, here's the g-map pedometer map of what turned out to be my very circuitous run to the start.

No, I didn't run home; I bummed a ride back to my bike.

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