Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

Ran maybe 20 miles in the rain today, then ran a bunch of errands, also in the rain. I was hoping to have something interesting to say today since school is starting tomorrow, but going to IKEA doesn't lend itself to meaningful pronouncements (although you would totally love my new POS bookshelf) and I haven't finished either of the books I'm reading (Dawkins--The God Delusion, Pollan--Omnivore's Dilemma) so I won't say anything about them yet.

But, yep, school starts tomorrow. I've been out for three semesters. Anybody think it'll go any better this time? I'd like to say "yeah, me neither" here, but I am sort of actually thinking it might. It seems like I might actually be able to handle the Law & Economics field, and that I might actually enjoy it. Pigs might also fly, but we'll have to see.

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