Sunday, December 02, 2007

California International Marathon

I ran my ninth marathon (not including ultras), the California International Marathon in 3:57 today. I was really pleased with the course. Optimal weather (50ish degrees and chilly if you weren't running), no significant hills, just rolling tiny ones you don't even notice, reasonably pretty suburban Folsom and downtown Sacramento course, decent fan support, a big running crowd, but not so many that you get trampled/slowed down at the start, and pros running every five minute pace (3:45, 3:50, 3:55 total finishing time, etc.) with a sign making it easy to follow them and know how you're doing. The only reasons it's not perfect is that aid stations should be synced with mile markers so you have to think about even less during the race, and it's a little confusing when the porta-potties are parallel to and facing the starting corrals, because then the lines for the bathroom cross the starting area.

I'm happy with the 3:57. I felt really good, not winded or sore and only had a little foot pain, probably since I haven't been running on asphalt much lately. It's better than I expected given the fact that I went running maybe five times as training. Of course I'm still in shape from the trail, so I knew I'd have the endurance, but probably not any speed.

Good course, but it's no St. George.

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