Friday, November 30, 2007

Smug, Thy Name Is Apple

Why is it that two-thirds of the employees at the Apple store in Emeryville are please-kick-the-snot-out-of me snarky and smug? Is it just the Emeryville store, or are all others the same? I'm sure that my own arrogance doesn't really help the situation, and maybe I should just take this as a lesson that I should be a little nicer myself, because if talking to me is anywhere near as annoying as talking to any of the "geniuses" at the Apple store (excluding Tony, who was plenty nice), then it's amazing I have any friends at all.

To add to my own culpability, despite the Apple techs having found nothing wrong with my computer at all, it apparently works just fine now. Now I just have to live down the shame of the fact that I accidentally got the black MacBook, which costs $125 more than the white one. (There's actually a $200 price difference, but I thought that was because of the 40 gig bigger hard drive. But you can just pay $75 to bump up the size of the white one.) One day I better be dying in the desert and be able to use the black case to build a solar still or something.

Enough of that. I'm going out to a vegan restaurant. Then I am not going to the opera with my friends afterward.

12/08 Update: It's not worth its own post, so I'll just tack a link to this mildly interesting Washington Post article about Apple stores and the love/hate relationship we have for them on here.


  1. let me put it this way: at least the apple people have a product to be arrogant about....zing!

    and the black one is a lot cooler, and doesn't look as dirty, so maybe it'll last longer aesthetically...

  2. Maybe you should get a job there. mom

  3. If it is the router, which is probably is, there are quite a few settings to change that will help with interoperability... first disable encryption, then try disabling 802.11b support (G only mode) and see if that works. Try doing a MAC filter on the router with just your MacBook listed. Or try different types of encryption. I've never had any problem on my MacBook Pro with WPA encryption. But I think the new MacBooks use a different wireless card. I feel like more than anything, the moral is that wireless standards are still a bit squirrelly and not all routers are compatible with all cards, especially considering the number of configuration settings possible.

    For the record, I have a $40 Buffalo WRT54G router and it works flawlessly with a 1st gen MBPro and and a 2nd gen MacBook.