Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mesa, AZ

Apparently Marcus believes in flying-by-the-seat-of-his-pants to the point of not reading car rental contracts before signing them, so we weren't allowed to take the car back to New Mexico. That meant no pie in Pie Town and no visiting the VLA (the Very Large Array, those big radio-telescopes) but no big deal, we just stayed in Arizona and did part of a canyon hike I heard of through Andrew Skurka--the Safford-Morenci trail. It's part of the Grand Enchantment Trail ( that connects Phoenix and Albuquerque. We may or may not have actually found the right trail, but whatever canyon we walked up was cool enough, so we kept going. Then we tried to camp at Saguaro National Park in order to check it out tomorrow, but they lock the gate at sundown, so we just kept on going north to Phoenix/Mesa, and are crashing at a friend's house. I'm enjoying returning to semi-normalcy in that I just watched "Stranger Than Fiction" and finished reading "House" by Tracy Kidder, but my thoughts on those are probably significantly less interesting than stories about rattlers and bears, so I'll be done now.

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