Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pie Town, NM - October 18

Aaron: The new Radiohead album the day it came out? You, my friend, are awesome.

Thomas, Jody, Wendell, and Sarah: I wish I knew the Cookie Monster song, because if I did, I'd sing it in your honor right now. Thanks!

Did 38 on Sunday so I could get to the Grants PO by Monday closing--I surely wouldn't want to be forced to pay $25 for a hotel room and watch movies and Monday Night Football and drink a gallon of chocolate milk--that would have stunk. So I climbed Mt. Taylor (11,301") then walked by a landfill and a prison literally 10 yards from the road while inmates followed me in the yard and stared. Went to the PO and grocery store, then left town.

After a bunch of annoying lava and road walking I'm in Pie Town now on the 18th. I've got maps for the rest of the trip. There are a lot of options south of here. I'm not excited about fording the Gila again, but I probably will end up there anyway. Hopefully, I'll be in Silver City in 5 days, then visit the "official" Crazy Cook terminus, then hike out and down the highway to the Antelope Wells point of entry the next day. Not a lot of water and not a lot of trail. Oh well--it's still fun and the pie is great.

P.S.: I'll try and stop at the PO in Hachita, NM if anybody wants to send me a victory postcard.

For anyone who knows the geography of small NM towns, sorry this is out of order but I was out of town when Garret sent it home.

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