Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Colorado-from a letter

September 14 - left Steamboat at 7pm, did 12 miles of highway walking at night to get my miles in after 7 hours in town.
September 15 - My 28th birthday. Did around 30 miles. Passed Wildcat, so I'm not the last southbounder anymore.
September 16 - Woke early because of lightning. It was on and off all day. I remembered something - the weather in Colorado is horrible. And there's no shame in low routes when the weather calls for it - lightning will kill you. That's the one piece of advice Scott Williamson could give me about this hike - let weather determine your hike. It kinda sucks, but unless you have the time to wait out every storm (every day), which I don't, it's what you have to do.

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  1. Sarah (PCTR)4:40 PM

    Happy Birthday!!

    Just to give you a 'heads up', we're planning to send you a box of edible goodies at the Grants, NM post office. I know that you like cookies - any preferences on type? How about candy - do you like dark chocolate or anything like that?

    Take good care of yourself - sorry about the wild weather, but take it easy out there.

    Great job, Garret - we love to read about your adventures.


    PS I went across CA (from the NV/CA to and across the GG Bridge) last month - only 5 days and, with all the traffic and crewing by Wendell & Aaron, it's like the polar opposite of what you're experiencing. Great job out there in the elements by yourself - honestly, I can't imagine!!