Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Headed South

Garret called me at 5:45 Saturday morning, which would be 6:45 his time. He began with one sentence: "It's cold!" Even though he's at lower altitudes now than he has been at his entire trek, he was really feeling the chill.

He told me that he's on the east side of the Divide (at least that's what I understood) just avoiding wildfires. It's weird to him that he's only going to hike about 5% of Montana on the actual trail, but he's glad to be southbound. He's also hiking closer to towns (thus the ability to call) which is somewhat disappointing. But on the up-side, he's glad he's not risking his life hiking through a forest fire. Also he's seen several bears.

He should hit Lincoln today or so.

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