Friday, June 22, 2007

Steamboat Springs, CO

Sweet. I'm only one day behind schedule, and the mountains had to take a little break while I went from some range east of here over by Rocky Mountain National Park to the Rabbit Ears range over here, plus this is my last resupply in Colorado. 1256 miles done. I ran the last hour into Grand Lake a couple days ago in order to get to the PO before it closed to mail my ice axe home. Too bad everything else closed at 5 too, so the only socks I could find in town are cute little ones with moose on them. Speaking of moose, I saw my first two of the trail in the past few days. I saw three beavers on the bike trail to Frisco, as well as a guy fly fishing from the shoulder of I-70. Not a trailhead, not a pullout, not even a wide shoulder, there was just a dude fishing from I-70. I thought it was pretty awesome that he could've gone trolling if he got in his car and drove along in first gear. I continue to see lots of elk, but also saw a couple newborn dear that were still mottled and instead of running they just hunker down in a ball and shake with fear. I had a roadwalk on highways 14 and 40 today, along which I met an English/Dutch couple biking across the country. Marcus, we're soooo doing that summer '09.

Oh and you better believe your black wicking polyester REI MTS size small men's boxer briefs that I rang in the first day of summer yesterday by honoring the Appalachian Trail tradition of Hike Naked Day. Needless to say, it was totally awesome.


  1. Garret,

    Tell us how your body feels. Do you feel pretty fit? Sore? Tired? Is your body accustomed to your routine now? Are you getting stronger? Hungrier?


  2. Asaf and Ashley think you look too skinny... ok, just Ashley. Asaf thinks you should eat more baby deer; Ashley thinks you should eat more funnel cake.

  3. I just met you on the way to Rawlins and gave you some water....what an adventurer and isn't it wierd we both
    live/lived in Berkeley? I hope you get to Anong's and have that great Thai food. My family settled this town, god only knows why. Well, you know, you just walked by our ranch...

    Have a great trip!