Sunday, June 10, 2007

Salida, CO

943 miles covered. Well, the San Juans are over, and I shipped the snowshoes back to Namie today. It might be too soon to say this, but the snow might be ending and the mosquitoes are beginning. The route has been contiguous with the Colorado Trail for the last while. I was all alone without any cover in 50 mph winds on top of 11,000 ft + Snow Mesa when I left Lake City, and I had to start a fire to thaw my shoes that I foolishly left outside the tent one night, but things have mellowed since then and I did some 30~ days again. I may be 3 days behind schedule, but I should be moving fast again. I took a low route yesterday with some road walking from Sargents, CO up to Monarch Pass and today I am taking my first zero day, I think since I visited NYC on the AT in 2002. Heel blisters are lame. The fabulous news is that my SD card survived my near drowning in Pole Creek, so my mom is now in possession of 317 photos. She's gonna send Marcus some of the cool ones and he'll post them on the blog. Sorry guys, but Spidey 3 started 5 minutes ago, so I've got to jet.


  1. Sarah (PCTR)6:44 AM

    Wow, Garret - SO glad that you're ok after the near-drowning!! And happy for you that you're finished with the San Juans and done with the snowhoes! Amazing to read about the snow, winds, and big mileage days.

    Glad that the photos didn't get ruined - looking forward to seeing 'em. Thanks too, Marcus, for keeping us up to date.

    Know that we're thinking about you, Garret, and sending good wishes your way!


  2. Garret,
    Don't drown. Keep having fun, though. I'm jealous and can't wait to see some pictures.

  3. drowning is for soft-core losers.