Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rawlins, WY

Goodbye, CO! Hello, WY! The Mt. Zirkel Wilderness was awesome, I crossed the border, the Huston Park Wilderness was pretty lame, but then I saw a herd of ~300 elk, making it pretty dang cool. I started the big desert stretch and did a huge roadwalk. The road was part of the course in the Great Divide bike race, so I saw 7 of them go by, plus some very friendly motorists stopped to see what the heck I was doing (this road is really long and really empty through really empty terrain).

I'm feeling good. I got blisters on each pinky toe, so that kinda stinks, but I guess I feel OK. The terrain in CO was so rough I could rarely do more than 2 mph, but I was doing 4 on the road this morning into town, so it feels good to know that I still have it in me if the terrain isn't ridiculous. My pack feels a little too heavy, especially now that I have to haul lots of water again. Sometimes by 9:30 PM when I quit I'm stumbling around like a drunk and banging my feet on every rock, but I feel great every morning. I have started sleeping pretty well, not waking up every hour, but that means I sometimes don't get going until 7:30 or even 8, much later than I'd like. Seeing the bikers cruise by made me want to run, but I have to remind myself this hike is somewhere in the region of 5500-6100 miles long, so I've just got to do 28 miles a day, every day, slow and steady, and I'll make it.

Apparently there is a fabulous Thai restaurant with a AYCE lunch that is fabulous in town, that's where I'm headed now. Great Thai in Wyoming, whooda thunk it?

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  1. hope you got some pics of the herd of elk...sounds pretty sweet.