Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13: Pie Town, NM

Pie Town has two pie restaurants each of which opens on alternating days to share the booming pie-serving business. It also has two or three churches and one post office. That's about it. Garret walked in, consumed "the best pie ever," took a shower that the proprietress of the diner offered him and is waiting for the post office to open tomorrow morning to collect his resupply.

He says the trail is scenic despite being mostly walking on infrequently used gravel roads. He's seen elk, antelope and various small mammals and is right on schedule with his planned hundred mile weeks.


  1. I can only imagine the disaster that would have been if the shop serving the best pie in the world had been closed that day and Garret had had to settle for the second best pie in the world.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Hi Onion....... It's a great thing you're doing. Wow - what a hike. By the way, I noticed that you are not taking the official CDT route (which is clearly designated in NM). You took the Gila route rather than the official Black Range route. But, I guess you're not trying to officially yo-yo the actual CDT. That is perfectly fine. I just thought I'd mention this, in case someone tried to label you as officially yo-yoing the actual CDT (where it is a designated trail/route). Have a great hike. I wish you complete safety and fun.... Candace