Friday, May 25, 2007

Chama, NM

To paraphrase: Up walked Huck carrying a dead cat. "Whatcha gonna do with that cat?" asked Tom. "I'm gonna cure New Mexico with it," said Huck. "How're you gonna do that?" asked Tom. "Well, when a wicked man's been buried, the devil comes to fetch his soul at midnight. When the devil comes, you heave yer cat after him and say 'New Mexico follow cat, cat follow devil, devil, I'm done with ye!'"
(The real Twain version, as adapted in a famous Christensen family road trip tape, was how Huck tried to cure warts.)

What does this mean? I'm done with New Mexico! (For now.) 662 miles or so done. I crossed the border into CO this morning on a forest road and then hitched back to Chama in NM for the nearest resupply. I picked up some warmer clothing, crampons, my ice axe, new shoes, socks, gloves, tent stakes, batteries, and trekking poles, and of course more Vitamin I (ibuprofen).

Sitting in the library warm and toasty I'm feeling great, but I've been freaking cold lately. It snowed/rained/sleeted the entire day on Wednesday, so since stopping would've led to hypothermia I didn't stop all day and did some pretty big miles. The next morning I couldn't get my shoes tied for over an hour after I started hiking. My fingers were fine, my shoes were just frozen solid and the laces wouldn't work. I'm tempted to get a hotel room in Chama, but I think I'll wait till Pagosa Springs in 65 miles where there's a hiker (a triple triple-crowner, no less) that hosts hikers.

Oops, library closes for lunch. I might stop back on my way out. Thanks everybody for the support.

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