Friday, May 25, 2007

Chama, NM pt. 2

Did I mention that I found an iPod on the trail the other day? Yes, it works, and yes, it was charged. Sweet! Only after a while I was like, "What!? Where's the Zep? How am I supposed to get the Led out? Not even any Skynyrd? How am I supposed to rock? There's not a single air-guitarable song on here!"

Anyway, things are good. I picked up $30 worth of athlete's foot stuff at the drug store and some socks at the dollar store (3 for $3 nylon Wal-Mart socks work great, so I hope 3 for $3 polyester Family Dollar socks are OK too.) Alright, I'm going to go hit the grocery store, get a burger, and try and get a ride back to the trail.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM


    Sounds like you're doing great. You'll love colorado. Wish I was there too.