Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chuck Klosterman

I just finished reading Chuck Klosterman's Chuck Klosterman IV. Some of you may not care for intelligent analysis of everything in pop culture from the Madonna/whore paradox of Britney Spears to the important question of whether Bono is full of crap, but you're missing out. Who else could shed so much light on the similarities between the current pirate revival to the great ninja revival of the 80's? Who else would have such interesting things to say about leather pants?

Think of your closest male friend. Now, imagine if he wore leather pants. Can you foresee any scenario where you wouldn't mock him until he cried? As a friend, that is pretty much your singular vocation. If there was going to be a nuclear war and the missiles of obliteration were swooping down from the pre-apocalyptic sky, and (for some reason) I had only ten minutes to see my best friend for the final time, and my friend (for some reason) showed up to Armageddon wearing leather pants, those pants are the only thing I would talk about.

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