Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Home Sweet Marcus' Apartment

I'm home. By home I mean I'm back in Berkeley and since I don't have a place to live I'm crashing on Marcus' couch. I wasn't that happy to get home since I thought my phone had broken (it hadn't, it's back on now, same number as before) and it was way colder than I'd experienced in a looooong time, but I met comedian David Cross on the subway, so it was all good. I saw him waiting to leave the BART train I was on, and I said, "Are you David Cross, or do you just look a lot like him?"

To which he shrugged his shoulders and said, "eh, both."

I said, "Sweet. Have a good day."

He said, "You too," and got off the train.

And that was my conversation with comedian David Cross.

As a final note, on my last full day in Nairobi I went to the Giraffe center where I had giraffes eat out of my hand (and kiss me by eating from my teeth), I went on safari at Nairobi National Park and saw giraffes, ostriches, baboons, a warthog, and all kinds of antelopes, and I ate at Carnivore, the Brazilian-BBQ style restaurant that is apparently (but in my opinion undeservedly) voted one of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

I'll post pics and final thoughts in a few days.


  1. welcome back!

    that totally could have been my old roommate greg, who lives in berkley now.

  2. Welcome Back!!

    You will have to come visit us some time soon when you get to the east coast.

    Love TC

  3. once i went to the giraffe park with your berkeley boss (tm) and another friend. the friend and i kept letting the giraffes eat out of our hands while tm held back, at which point he was vindicated when one of the giraffes used that same mouth to start tasting the flowing urine of another giraffe. we made a bit of a beeline to the soap and water.