Monday, October 16, 2006

Yes, They Do Have Blue Balls

It took a little gesticulating because my guide's English was not that great, but I think he seemed to think that black and white colobus monkeys do have abnormally bright blue testicles. That means I went to the Kakamega forest again. I couldn't decide whether to go to the forest or down to some islands on Lake Victoria, so I went with whichever matatu (minivan/bus that technically seats 14 but often carries 20-plus) came first on Friday after work. I camped at a guest house in the forest Saturday night. This place had so many monkeys it was ridiculous. I saw blue monkeys which I didn't see last week, but I didn't see any more red-tailed monkeys. The blue monkeys were not very shy so I got better pictures (coming soon).

I went to church in Misikhu again and got invited over to this guy Anthony's house. He lives out in the sticks near Ndivisi. He boda'd (gave me a lift on his bike) me and it still took about an hour to get there. Plus he didn't have the seat pad like real boda-bodas do so it was a pretty painful experience for my buttocks. He lives like most other people do--he's got a 1-acre farm that he inherited from his father, his house is smaller than my bedroom and is made of mud and sticks, but the green beans he gave me were delicious. It also made me wish I knew something about farming or gardening or whatever. I was talking with him and his neighbor about their farms, I said I was pretty much a "city boy" and defined the term. The neighbor jokingly said something like "oh, so you are pretty much useless." For the most part.

A couple of my coworkers were in Nairobi for the week and stayed at the same hostel I stayed at on my way in. The nurses were back, but unfortunately my friends discovered that Nurse Henrietta has a serious boyfriend. Oh well. My coworker Anthony was too scared to even talk to them, so at least I have that.

I'm having a good time. My chaco tan is starting to kick butt.

UPDATE [5/3/10]: Since about one person a day googles upon this page with the query "do monkeys have blue balls?" and is likely disappointed by my account, let me direct you to my blog post that actually has a blue-balled monkey picture, and the wikipedia article that describes said monkeys. (They're actually called Vervets. Colobus don't have blue balls.)

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