Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crack, Monkeys and Termites

Boring stuff first: I've spent the last few days doing the intensive sample selection for my project.  In normal people words that means I randomly selected 1/5 of the pupils we hadn't been able to track yet, and now we really go after these ones, so statistically we can track about 80% of the pupils even though we really only survey about 60% of the original sample.

In slightly more interesting news, I ate some termites.  They're not blech, just dry and blah. That was Sunday, and I had chocolate fondue on Saturday.  Mixing the two might've been interesting. Saturday I biked most of the way from my house to the Lake Victoria; Tuesday (the not very popular Moi Day holiday) I ran most of the way.   Both attempts failed, but mostly because I started in the afternoon and got interrupted by monsoons.  Sunday I went to Kakamega Forest National Reserve, which is the last East African vestige of the rain forest that used to stretch uninterrupted across the continent.  Within five minutes of entering the park I saw monkeys.  Big black and white colobus monkeys.  I was later told they have abnormally bright blue balls.  I have yet to confirm the veracity of that statement.  Regardless, they looked really cool swinging around in the trees.

I also watched all of season two of 24 in the last three days.  It's like crack.  I don't really like it that much, but it's nearly impossible to stop watching.  I guess I'd like to know how that women at the end killed the president in 60 seconds with a germ-filled handshake, but I'm kind of glad we don't have any of the other seasons. 

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