Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why this Blog Is Going to Suck

I'm really good at making fun of people. Or at least I think I am.
I'm just fine with doing that in private, either by talking amongst
friends or writing it in my journal. But posting it online? That
strikes me as a little odd. I'm in Kenya till January, living in the
same tiny rural town with about 5 wazungu, most of whom are my
housemates. I'm sure I could write some really funny stuff about
them: how messy the house is, how emotional girls are, and the quirks
about the Kenyan staff. What if I were to make fun of my roommates
scarves-and-brandy-bottles collection, and word somehow got back to
her that I think such a thing is retarded, even though it's obviously
not a deliberate collection? And if I leave out such items, how am I
supposed to entertain you? "Went running, got lost again" and "Went
to the field, still didn't understand a word of the Swahili or Luhya"
would certainly get boring eventually, and "Worked in the office doing
data stuff" is boring the _first_ time I write it. Unless you know
Stata really well my making jokes about type mismatches would totally
suck, and even if you know Stata well enough to understand that pretty
much every error you'll ever get is because the default for a variable
with no observations is a byte and you're trying to put strings into
it, you shouldn't go admitting this knowledge in public.

I see why someone might want to read my blog based on my previous
experiences--AT, PCT, hitching up the California coast, Peru,
Pakistan, etc., but that's a little different. I'm not sure that
anybody'd want to read this anyway. I mean, my sister tells me I'm
funny all the time, but maybe that's just her flattering me so that
I'll keep on editing her papers for her. Who knows.

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