Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's My Birthday And I'll Clean Turds If I Want To

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. What have I accomplished in the past
27 years? Well, I'm a virgin, I've had all of two girlfriends, and
I've earned more than $10,000 a year only twice. Sounds like success
to me. If I were to shoot my self in the face with a shotgun or choke
on my own vomit I would surely become a rock legend, but I think I'll

So how did I spend my birthday? I went out with my tracking team, but
we didn't have much success ("My daughter is somewhere in Nairobi" is
not so helpful) and while waiting for the rest of the team to come
back I took a nap under a tree and was continually getting ants all
over me. Then at night I was finally able to unpack my stuff. The
previous occupant moved across the hall, and I spent a couple hours
sweeping up thousands and thousands of mouse turds. The room is now
livable (ie, no large collection of turds on the roof of my mosquito
netting) but the turds keep reappearing. Go for a run, find more
turds. Take a shower, find more turds. Thankfully it's only one or
two at a time. I put out a trap baited with peanuts (they like
peanuts, right?) and some poison, and I'm going to work on improving
my relationship with the cat, and hopefully that will solve the

This may make it seem like my birthday sucked, but not really. In a
nerdy sort of way it felt like a big accomplishment sweeping up turds
from eons ago.

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  1. Under accomplishments: don't forget that you've finished several ultra-marathons, including a tough 100 miler and the harderst 50 miler in the country (twice).

    Your job seems like a cross between private detective and nerdwonk.