Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Failed the Labor Field Exam, Here Are Some Pictures

I better get these freaking pictures to upload or I'll be ticked. I failed the stupid labor economics field exam. So yet again, I'm behind in graduate school. All I had going for me was that I took some cool pictures in the field and was going to post them on my blog for all to enjoy. But no, neither Professor Enrico Moretti nor the server seem to like me today. Great, just great.

Man, I bet this blog seem pretty freaking bitter. Well welcome to my world, baby. I didn't win the "Most bitter, prematurely filled with angst" senior superlative in high school for nothin'.

Nah, things are good. We caught some mice using glue traps, I'm getting along with my coworkers, and I manage to either go running or go to the field almost every day. You'll just have to imagine cool pictures of half-clothed kids playing with toys made from sticks, thatch-roofed huts, trucks overflowing with sugar cane, and the office where I work.

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