Friday, September 08, 2006

Hooray for Clean Underwear

It's Thursday, September 7 and I'm sitting at the Upper Hill Campsite hostel in Nairobi, and thanks to a dearth of powers outlets, I'm sitting directly in front of the TV blaring crappy American sci-fi trying to drown it out with iTunes and my headphones and writing an entry to post on my blog at a later date. Nairobi seems like a pretty boring dirty place, so I'm not that happy to still be here, but my luggage didn't arrive, so I've been taking care of some errands, waiting, and smoking the equivalent of a pack or two of Pall Mall unfiltereds a day by walking around in Nairobi traffic. My bag got here this afternoon, so I celebrated by putting on clean underwear. True, I've gone 93 consecutive days in the same pair of underwear before, so this past 6 days shouldn't be a big deal, but there's a difference between doing it because you want to (while ultra-light backpacking, don't worry, it wasn't 93 days without washing, it was just 93 days of the same pair, I think) and doing it because you have to and you're already grumpy because you're stuck in a hostel with not much to do.

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