Sunday, June 05, 2016


Gf was in town after passing quals/orals and advancing to candidacy (Congrats!) so we went to Mendocino County. Gf hoped for early season granite, but it was too early, and the weather was looking bad, so we went north instead. We didn't go far enough to see giant redwoods, just normal size in Jackson State Demonstration Forest. But then we did get very nice coastal views from Mendocino, California Coastal National Monument Point Arena-Stornetta Unit, and Salt Point State Park.

Jackson State Forest:

Flowers along Fort Bragg coast:

Pygmy redwood due to crappy soil in Jughandle Ecological Reserve: 

 Big River estuary:

City of Mendocino:

 North coast is totally going for Bernie.

A coyete in the California Coastal National Monument:

Salt Point State Park:

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