Sunday, April 17, 2016

Heat Maps

I use Strava to log my running and biking miles. They use a freemium business model. The premium isn't worth it as a runner, I've decided, and you'd need to be a total power/wattage bike equipment geek for it to be worth it. But since I paid for one month, here are the heat maps that show where I've run most frequently.

I assume I'm the only person yet to log significant Strava miles in Kakamega, Kenya.

 Swat, Philly, and that one time I ran to Philly from Swat.


I kind of wish I had Strava back in the day when I ran from Berkeley to Diablo and back. It would make a nice connection between many of my routes.

 Not nearly as exciting for running.

I think the heat map algorithm is pretty silly. The intensity is logged only by the number of workouts on which you've covered a certain stretch, not the actual number of times you've covered a stretch. That is, I've run around this loop exactly 100 times, but I did it all on one day, so it shows up very faint, which seems unusual.

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