Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I went to Kenya again and Zambia for the first time. It was a quick trip for work. I did four days of research transparency presentations (IPA, APHRC/CARTA, and MCA Zambia) and then went to Livingstone and Victoria Falls for fun.

George's cousins

Evening runs after the Kenya workshop featured zebras, wildebeest, and gazelles

It sucks to be so close to where the coffee beans are grown and yet have to drink crap imported instant the entire trip. (And it's a real economic problem, since sub-Saharan Africa does little value-added processing of its natural resource exports.)

A tad better than a skunky Tusker I had earlier in the trip



Africa can do thunderclouds

Met up with my friend Francis, who CDT folks may remember.
Francis is visiting every county in Africa and climbing the highest peak in each.

OK, here are some more Vic Falls pics.

Monkey with a View

I also took a 15-minute flight over the falls in a microlight, which is basically a lawnmower with wings. I saw elephants and hippos above the falls. I didn't pay the extra $20 for the video though, and you're not allowed to bring a camera for safety reasons, so just watch this other person's video and say "Wow, that looks cool." Because it was.