Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016: The Year of Questioning Your Own Certainty

I've noticed a lot of good stuff along these lines so far this year:

Richard Thaler says to make it your New Year's resolution. [excerpted by NYMag]

The (potentially) misplaced certainty of Making a Murderer. [New Yorker]
(Older, but I first heard of the Steven Avery case in this Radiolab podcast on uncertainty. Lest you ever serve on a jury (or get questioned by the police), listen to this This American Life podcast about false confessions.)
 Chuck Klosterman's new book is about how everything might be wrong. 

Related (at least for this economist): Noah Smith on the dangers of 101ism.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

2015 in Review

Remember that "go camping for a month this summer without losing your job" thing?

Here's how much I camped in 2015. "Camping" includes car camping in the truck, honest-to-goodness backpacking, or staying up all night long running.

March: 2 (4MPH Challenge)
April: 2 (Zion 100)
May: 7 (MeOw, Ventana, American River, Emigrant)
June: 2 (Solstice 24, Carson-Iceberg)
July: 7 (El Dorado, Emigrant, Tushar 93K)
August: 3 (Desolation, Sierra NF)
September: 11 (Tahoe 200, IMTUF, Bear)
October: 2 (Florida)
December: 4 (Nevada)

40 days by my count. Not too shabby.

Also, Strava says I ran 2,485 miles (with 330K feet of climbing) over 251 runs. That's definitely the most running I've done, but not the most miles on foot (2007 CDT yo-yo). So pretty good. I'm not sure how I feel about the Barkley waitlist, but I might as well do a shit-ton of super steep training, so I'm back on the horse.

I should probably also make some goals about research, using my phone less, reading real books, and learning to play the banjo. We'll see.
George on the new truck bed

Vert is the name of the training game