Monday, November 16, 2015

Update: 2016 Race Schedule

Probably more for my own benefit than yours, I'm updating my draft 2016 schedule:

April 1, Barkley Marathons (application, lottery Dec 25)
April 9, Lake Sonoma 50 (lottery Dec 1-10)
April 23, Zane Grey 50 (signed up)
June 25-26, Western States (lottery, entered)
July 9, Capitol Reef 50/100 (100 held only if sufficient interest)
July 15-16, Hardrock 100 (lottery, entered)
August 6, Angeles Crest 100 (signed up)
August 20, Waldo 100K (lottery Feb 15-24)
September 17, Plain 100
September 24-25, Mogollon Monster
October 15, Euchre Bar Massacre

Maybe also:
BAOC Orienteering Events
March 19, 4MPH Challenge
May 14, MeOw Marathons
Bone Tempest

I got into Zane Grey and put in for Western States. Maybe because I've been traveling to dreary London for work and not running, I'm not looking forward to many races, but there's time for that to change.

This new 50K in Mendocino sounds really nice, but conflicts with Zane Grey.

US Skyrunning lists a Tahoe-area 50K June 19 that could be great.

BF reminded that the Idaho Trail Ultra Series puts on some good races (two 100K and a 50M in June, July, and August) that could justify a trip. I'm disinclined at the moment, but after Western States and Hardrock lotteries don't pan out, and if Capitol Reef doesn't put on a 100, I could swing that way for sure. There are nonstops on Southwest from Oakland to Boise, after all.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Miami, Mostly Street Art

I went from London to Miami to present some food stamps research at a public policy conference. Gf drove down, and we stayed in Wynwood, a very cool industrial/art neighborhood. I would have liked to see Little Havana as well, but Wynwood had more than enough to entertain us. We AirBnB'd a cool studio, but the bedroom shared a wall with a heavy metal show that went till 1AM, so they're not getting a five-star review.

Mural in progress

Bored with all the incredible street art

Zebra Corner

Scribbly Corner

Colorful Corner

Boyband Auditions

The food was disappointing, but the bathroom door made up for it

Exactly how I feel

Three of my favorite things

Admiring the walls

Female Scientists

Downtown after the conference
I'd be interested to learn more about Miami's urban planning. How does a neighborhood like Wynwood, where practically every surface is covered in art, come to be? What are housing costs like for working people? Does the condo boom vindicate my belief that housing does actually trickle down, and that a massive increase in the supply of housing is what the Bay Area needs? But Miami doesn't seem very walkable--mandatory parking minimums are likely too high, as they are everywhere, and there need to be a lot more public access easements along all the waterfronts. Thank god for the California Coastal Commission.

I'm finally home now. Looking forward very much to not traveling for a month. 

London sans Sun

I went to London for about five days. It was great to see old friends, but I believe that I did not see the sun the entire time I was there. I led a session on research replication at Mozilla's open web/open science MozFest event and met some new folks for work.


Kenya Friends

River Thames

World Press Photo Exhibit

Read the caption

Tate Modern--one of the few that I really liked

Corner Poop
Honestly, I was pretty disappointed by the Tate Modern. I love the Hirshhorn, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis was rad, but very few pieces in the Tate really did it for me, including the Rothko Seagram murals. London's already dreary enough, I don't need art to drag me further down.

Gf insisted I see a play. Judi Dench is in a Kenneth Branagh production of Winter's Tale, but it only runs a few nights a week, so I saw Billy Elliot instead. Although I generally dislike the glut of sequels/reboots/remakes in movies, and think that musicals based on movies can be a similar strain of hack, I really enjoyed it. Obviously, I cried, because I am a sucker for pro-union storytelling.

Went to Cambridge for a day to look into setting up a summer training workshop there. I would likely not enjoy living there, because cars are allowed on all the narrow pedestrian and bike-filled streets when they shouldn't be. All the gardens and yards on campus are small, private, and gated, instead of a big public quad like some US schools. There's no easy way to follow the Cam river like there clearly should be, so running would be a nightmare. That's said, it's pretty adorable, so a few days of a Harry Potter/BITSS Summer Institute would be cool, even though I don't really care for Harry Potter, and even though Hogwarts sets were inspired by Oxford, not Cambridge.

Jon Snow Pub

Kenya Friends


George got dressed up for Hawaii on Halloween. Gf went as Notorious RBG, but she lives in Florida so no one appreciated the greatness. I of course did nothing, because I couldn't find a wetsuit vest on short notice.