Sunday, June 28, 2015

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Didn't manage to get out of town on Friday, since I was exhausted after my first week of teaching and writing an RFP at work, so it turned into an overnighter to Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. Saturday wasn't amazing, as Lake Alpine is crowded and the trails near there were either non-existent or just hard to figure out near the campgrounds. I headed south past Duck Lake, Rock Lake, and over to Elephant Rock Lake and back, a burn made navigation difficult, but the lakes were pretty. Just wasn't really feeling it--hadn't fully recovered from the race last week, and didn't eat enough breakfast or lunch before starting the run, so it turned into more of a hike.
Rock Lake


Dardanelles off to the south, I think

Duck Lake

Looking south from Cape Horn, on HWY 4.


Sunday was better. Drove further east to Highland Lakes, which are really pretty. Not at all crowded, and I picked a decent 21-mile loop. George saw his first bear, but not until after I grabbed his collar, so he didn't get to chase it.

Highland Lakes

Hiram Peak from Highland Lakes

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