Thursday, August 01, 2013

Still the right choice?

Enjoying Lake City. A couple people remember me from the CDT, one's the RD for an ultra, so he's seeing if anyone is doing any cool runs this week. In the meantime, yesterday I went east and ran in the La Garita Wilderness. Bushwhacked down a drainage, saw a live moose and a dead elk. This morning I ran west from HWY 149 on the CDT/CT towards the San Juans. It's just a high plateau, but it's got great views of the Matterhorn, which, if not too technical, I will try this week.

I'd share pictures, but I think I forgot to pack the appropriately sized USB cord for the camera, or my SD card reader, so it'll have to wait.

Also, I totaled my 4Runner. I took a turn on a gravel county road (the Doyleville cutoff) too fast, went into the ditch, and rolled 3/4 of a revolution. George and I weren't obviously hurt. I scratched my wrist, and after the adrenaline wore off, my left ankle hurt. The only person to drive by did so in a monster truck, and he had a flatbed trailer at his ranch. He towed me upright and into the road, then got the 4Runner onto his trailer and into Gunnison. I thought I had insurance, but apparently I only had comprehensive, and not collision, and I had a collision with the ground. (The normal definition of the word "comprehensive" doesn't apply in the insurance world.) While I was picking belongings out of my 4Runner, a kid who works at the shop across the street from the body shop where I left it came over and offered me $300 for it so he could put the engine into his truck. Deal. (There are no salvage yards for miles from Gunnison, so getting rid of the wreckage promptly with no storage or towing fees was ideal.)

That was Saturday. I spent Sunday looking at used cars. Monday I bought a '97 Subaru Legacy with 230K on it for $1550. It was either that or a '97 Blazer with 136K on it for $2,000. Subaru's have great reputations, and people say this will last forever, but there are so many tiny half-broken things inside, that now I feel stupid for not buying the Blazer and selling it when I got home, because it was nice inside. It also sucks that I probably can't drive the Subaru over Cinnamon, Engineer, or Stoney Pass to get to Silverton, and have to go all the way around on pavement. (Lake City, where I am now, is home to a famous 4x4 track called the Alpine Loop, that gets you to my next destination, Silverton. The 4Runner wasn't 4WD but had high clearance, the Subi is AWD but low clearance.)

Whatever, I just need to stop thinking about it and go running more.

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