Thursday, July 11, 2013

Other People Have Done Cool Things Recently

Jez Bragg ran the Te Araroa trail across New Zealand in 53 days. [irunfar article]

Anton Krupicka aborted his attempt at Nolan's 14 early. [UD blog]

My girlfriend started the JMT today. Another buddy finished his third time. Heather (Anish) is currently doing quite well on her PCT speed record attempt. [Her fb site]

Meanwhile, I'm doing research, my knee hurts so I couldn't run further than 3 miles this morning, and it's really hot and humid out. Since gf is moving to Florida I read a Carl Hiaasen mystery novel, Double Whammy. People, including Dave Davies [Fresh Air interview], seem to think he's outrageous and hilarious. He's got a nice liberal environmentalist satire thing going, but it's still just empty calories.

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