Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Run Log: May 13-26, Zoom Loco, Bryce

 After a slow week after TNF's Bear Mountain, the 13th-19th was a little better with 45 miles. I spent most of the week grading, which takes me an incredibly long time. That meant I didn't get in much running until the weekend, when I had a couple good runs trying to get every mile of singletrack in my two preferred nearby parks: Crum (16) and the Wissahickon (21).  (There's a little more than that to be done in the Wiss, but that's basically all there is to Crum. It's no East Bay Regional Park system, but it's nice that it's there.)

This past week I did 53. I did a decent 12 in Ridley Creek State Park. Normally this park is not my favorite since the trails don't really follow any clear geographic features, but this time I found a trail along Ridley Creek itself that was pretty nice. I also did 20 on Sunday on the Appalachian Trail in memory of my friend Zoom Loco, who died in a mountaineering accident in Peru last year, and would have celebrated his birthday that day. He hiked the AT in 2000, and was part of my inspiration for doing the same in 2002. His parents got a bunch of his friends from all walks of life together to celebrate his birthday with a hike on the AT, burritos, and graveside prayers. DY, MrB and I decided to add a little distance for good measure.

Mary's Rock, near Thornton Gap on the AT/Skyline Drive

Now I'm off to Utah to run the Bryce 100. I'm hoping to break 24 hours, and I'm also hoping to set up a commitment device using Stickk.com. More on that later.

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