Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Run, April and May in Photos

Sprints with Miles by the Onion at Garmin Connect - Details

I doubt many of you think this is interesting, but I'm a big fan of my Forerunner. I like looking at the lines my routes make on an aerial map, and I like the accurate pace recording. The pace for short laps doesn't quite show up on the watch face while running as accurately as I'd like, but it does come out well in the data uploads after the fact. The link is my first real attempt at speed in a long time. My housemate Miles destroyed me. 

They're letting me teach here for a couple years. The campus was so beautiful it was a little uncomfortable.

 Coming from Kenya, I was more used to the stuff I saw in downtown Philly.


 Friends drafted for trailwork.

8 hours done. Wasatch, we are a go.

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