Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dropbox and Shared Cloud Storage in General

I am with the complainers on this one:

Dropbox acts just like a folder on your computer, so if you drag and drop, stuff is moved, not copied. Only in your mind you know it's not on your computer, it's on a server somewhere, so you expect it to copy. So basically, for shared folders, you end up stealing files from your whole team.

Is there a workaround? Is Google Drive better? How about Amazon? My project only needs a few gigs, but it needs to be very simple yet hard to accidentally delete shared files. And it has to sync easily with crappy Internet access, and work on PC's. Please don't suggest Microsoft SharePoint, since it is a flaming pile of feces.

[UPDATE: In a related vein, Google drastically increased their storage prices when they unveiled Drive. Thankfully, old plans are grandfathered in.]

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  1. 5GB free is not terrible. I assume you guys want to track document changes /history? Maybe save versions with name/date/ver in title, and/or sync a copy to a different folder on the local machine? There are many bits of software and code out there (rsync comes to mind) that will automatically create copies/backups of any folder to wherever, on a schedule.