Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tiwi 2

Here are some pictures from a great weekend at Tiwi. I was hoping for some long runs along the beach, but it was insanely hot and the sand was crazy sugary. Plus the beach is only 2 miles long, with bluffs at one end and a river impassable at high tide on the other. Oh and you can't go running back on the roads away from the beach because there are robbers all over the place (or so says all guidebooks, all taxi drivers, and my friends who saw a dude show up in only his boxers because he'd been robbed of everything else on the 3km walk from the paved road, and I was apparently 30 seconds away from it happening to me a few years ago, but I digress.) The beach itself is safe, as long as you keep an eye on your stuff. I was burgled by some vervet monkeys, who ripped a hole in my tent (dammit!) and stole a loaf of bread.

So instead of running I played a bunch of ultimate frisbee and went swimming, and remembered that I'm pretty crummy at both. Other than our team t-shirts being neon pink, it was good fun, despite losing 4 of 5 games.

Now I'm back in Kakamega. I went running today, took a half-liter of water, and expected to go two hours. My Forerunner ran out of juice five minutes in (for once I'm listening to people who say you should fully drain a rechargeable battery on first use), I got totally lost, and ended up going for 3.5 hours. First good run in a long time. Now I need to get back to work. New survey round coming up in two weeks, and I'm going to Philadelphia for most of this coming week.

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