Thursday, March 22, 2012

The United States of America

I'm in the USA through Monday evening. I spent last weekend in New Orleans with my gf and friends from high school and grad school. St. Patty's day parade, swamp tour, live music, all pretty awesome. Except for the tour guide feeding the alligator hot dogs and marshmallows. That, I disapprove of. But this NYT Mag article about rampant plants and wildlife in the Lower Ninth is timely. At some point when the data fairy grants me my wish and I have my work-from-home-part-time-teaching-and-some-research-with-lots-of-time-for-hiking job I'd love to spend a (non-summer) month in NOLA, renting a double shotgun, riding my bike, working from coffee shops, and listening to buskers play on Frenchmen. Pictures soon.

Now I'm in Atlanta for some meetings. I've been running in Piedmont Park:
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Saturday I'm headed to NYC. I've already seen The Book of Mormon, but this Olbermann/Savage discussion of it is great:

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