Sunday, February 26, 2012


The last couple weekends have been fun. Last Friday afternoon I rode my motorcycle to Kweisos House outside Koru, Kenya, which is about an hour east of Kisumu. The ride was great, with views of the hills north of Kisumu, a giant wild sugar-cane fire, and a wrong turn that made me late and made the last half-hour be in the dark in the driving rain and lightning. Kweisos is a big farmhouse on 3,000 acres. There were about 10 of us, organized by a CDC friend in Kisumu. The house has a pool, gorgeous views, and kitchen staff to prepare whatever you bring for them to cook you. The owner's house is a mile away, and you have free access to their tennis courts, table tennis, croquet, darts, snooker, another swimming pool, and giant gang of friendly dogs. You can also pay for horseback riding, which I did for the first time in my life that I've been old enough to remember. (There's photo evidence that I sat on my aunt's horse Indian Summer when I was 4.) Basically, it was a weekend of the US country club or British colonist lifestyle.

This weekend S1 was in town for work meetings, S2 came from Kisumu to hang out Friday night, and my buddy S3 came from Kampala. S3 had a much longer bus ride getting here than I expected, so we only got to hang out for 24 hours, but we had a lot of fun. Vegan black bean burgers and chips (UK), a hike in the Kakamega Forest full of monkeys and big loud birds with S1 and S3 , dinner at the Golf, a good run with George today, <i>24 Hour Party People</i>, <i>Take Shelter</i>, and <i>Nuts in May</i> all projected on an extra bedsheet. For any hiking/environmental friends, I highly recommend <i>Nuts in May</i>. It's a 1976 made-for-BBC-TV movie by Mike Leigh about self-righteous vegetarians who go camping. Basically, me. And it's amazing how all the environmental concerns the vegetarians raise could have been brought up last week. It's slow, but it has definitely moments of brilliance.

Since S3's ride from Kampala is so long, we'll meet in the middle next time:

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