Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Here's a good Salon piece by Bill McKibben, organizer of the recent XL Pipeline protests, on why Obama's small donors aren't returning.

"None of us gave $50 hoping for a favor. Quite the opposite. You gave $50 hoping that, for the first time in a long while in American politics, no one would get a favor."

Then it segues to protests planned for November 6:
"Our message will be simple: If you didn’t mean it, you shouldn’t have said it. If you did, here’s the chance to prove it. Nix the pipeline.
We don’t want dinner. We want action."

Speaking of which, does anyone have thoughts on Salon's recent makeover? Several days I've looked, I've thought that their political coverage was significantly reduced and that they ramped up the pop culture, but I looked just now and all the front page articles were serious.

In more important news, I replaced my motorcycle horn. Here's the old one that quit working after 2 hours.

I also dismantled and cleaned my bicycle. It has yet to be completely reassembled. I think most of the problem is just gunk in the cable housing that prevented the rear derailleur and rear brake cables from moving freely, or prevented the springs from being able to pull out the slack completely. I bought new cable housing, cable housing ends, and cable nipples, along with brake pads and the nut to loosen my rear cassette when I was in the US. I'll put everything back together in the next couple days. Once I figure out where this spring is supposed to go.

Somebody started a charcoal-creating earth oven fire just outside my compound wall today. It's supposed to last for 3 weeks. I assume it will become less of an inferno after today. To escape it (and a mass yoga session in my living room) I took George and Mack on a walk. It was the first time that George has left the compound in the month and a half I've had him. The obvious analogy of herding cats applies 100%. It can only get better from here on out.

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