Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today I went to Mundika to visit Ouma's house. I saw the whole history
of expats in Busia (JR, OO, SB, IT, LC, EK, KC) in his pictures, had
lunch, and, wait for it, two types of moonshine. The first was pretty
straightforward chang'aa--maize alcohol that he'd made himself, but
unfortunately not the batch in which he put OO's oak chips to make it
"bourbon." Then on the way home we stopped at a pub and drank some
millet brew called majira (maraji?). 40 people in the back room all
drinking out of the same clay pot through individual 12-foot long reed
straws. Good times, but they didn't want me taking pictures.

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  1. and you wonder why your bowels are exploding from the inside?